Summer Circus Camps

My Nose Turns Red’s summer circus camps are highly engaging and challenge youth to balance, manipulate objects and build human pyramids – all the activities needed to build hand-eye coordination. Circus campers play a wide variety of games that build teamwork, cooperation, trust, and friendship. Boost your child’s self-confidence and creativity in a safe, non-competitive, supportive environment.

Circus camps for 4-7-year-olds are half-day, run concurrently with all-day camps for older youth, and have their own coaches with circus equipment just their size. Campers learn stilt walking, (low) tightwire walking, hooping, rolling globe and rola bola and circus games.

Circus camps for 7-16-year-olds include gym wheel, juggling, tightwire walking, rolling globe and rola bola, pyramids, and diabolo (Chinese yo-yo), physical comedy and games.

Two-Week Summer Circus Camps

My Nose Turns Red Youth Circus offers intensive camps tailored to specific skill levels. Two-week camps also include aerial silks, unicycle, and partner acrobatics. Students may sign up for the first week of the beginning/intermediate two-week intensives. My Nose Turns Red also offers a one-week camp and a three-day camp. All camps end with a performance.

Spring and Summer Circus Camps 2017