Thank you for your Circ-A-Thon Donation!

Circ-A-Thon is our annual fun, friend, and fundraising event held every year on the second weekend in December. Circus students challenge themselves with a skill they have been trying to master, artistic director Steve Roenker amazes us all with his food juggling challenge, and the board holds a raffle, an auction, and offers tasty treats.

Sadly, we will not be able to gather audiences for some time. Due to COVID-19 socially distant recommendations, we have reduced capacity for all of our programs. But thanks to Samiya Shamma, former student and wedding videographer, we will be able to live stream the event on December 12, 2020, at 7 P.M., EST. You will be able to view the event and donate to the auction.

This year’s skillshares include several diabolos (Chinese yo-yo) tricks, hoop moves, gym (German) wheel challenges, intricate juggling patterns, and an amazing seven-club pass, and unique unicycle tricks. It allows each student to learn about goal setting, training, and perseverance. The event gives their fellow students, friends, and family the opportunity to cheer them on. The highest fundraiser gets a prize, and everyone goes home with a gift.

Thank you for your donation! We are grateful for all of our donors, the board of directors, funders who have helped us make it through 2020. Next year will be just as challenging. We need your support to help My Nose Turns Red to finish the year strongly and be poised to continue to provide the joys and challenges of circus to the youth in our community.


Jean & Steve

My Nose Turns Red Youth Circus