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Fun for the whole family

Circ-A-Thon is our annual fun, friend, and fundraising event held every year on the second weekend in December.

Each student picks a circus skill they want to master by Circ-A-Thon and, just like a walk-a-thon, they raise money to sponsor their skill. The fundraising committee holds an auction and raffles baskets of donated goods.

The best part is the sense of accomplishment the students demonstrate and the pride their friends and family display. Circ-A-Thon is a celebration of the hard work the students and the parents put in throughout the year. It’s not the competition amongst each other, it’s the challenge for the students to persevere putting the time and effort into accomplishing a new skill and then showing the circus community their success.

Follow the student’s progress on Instagram and Facebook, sign up to watch, and participate in our online auction. Our Circ-A-Thon goal is $15,000. Donate online using one of the buttons above. Use the “Sponsor Your Circus Student” button to be sure to help them reach their goal!


Words from our audience

Circ-A-Thon is a true celebration. Not sure which is more inspiring---watching students get vulnerable by sharing their work toward a big goal in front of an audience or watching the looks on the faces of their peers who are cheering them along!
Susan Watts-Taffe
Circ-A-Thon was my favorite thing we did all year. It's low pressure and lots of fun. Everyone is there to enjoy !
David Taffe
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