“My favorite part of the evening was watching the small children from the audience get on the balance ball after the show. Their enormous, ear-to-ear smiles were pure joy; thanks for all the fun this evening!”. “Absolutely love the youth circus! My 3-year-old is very excited about starting next year! We can’t wait.” “Awesome performance & great program.”


These are a few comments from the Circus in the Parks program survey. Over the past two years, Circus in the Parks reached 2,713 audience members. In 2023, sixteen youths, ages 6-18, performed in diverse neighborhoods across Cincinnati. We hired our Circus Youth in Action teens, our leadership program, to perform, coach, and mentor the younger students.


The Circus in the Parks program helps us reach new audiences and creates a sense of belonging between the performers and audiences, celebrating community as they watch the children in awe and laugh with the clown acts. 


Please keep the Circus thriving with your end-of-year gift. Your donation will help us continue to provide programs for children who do not otherwise have the means to pay. Your support will help the immigrant Hispanic children continue to train at our gym through our partnership with Transformations CDC, increasing their circus skills and transforming their initial fears into soaring confidence.


As we search for a new facility, your tax-exempt gift will help us to expand free after-school programs and new training opportunities for youth across the region. Help youth grow stronger, accept new challenges, develop mutual trust, and increase their self-esteem in a safe, non-competitive environment.





Jean St. John & Steve Roenker 



P.S. Come see the youth in action at our annual Circ-A-Thon on December 9, 2023, from 12-3 pm at the Fairview-Clifton German Language School.



My Nose Turns Red is a 501(c) 3 tax-exempt organization. Tax number 31-1203908