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On December 9, 2023, noon to 3:00 pm  My Nose Turns Red’s annual fundraiser will be held at Fairview-Clifton German Language School. The circus challenge is for My Nose Turns Red’s circus students to pick a circus skill they are excited to improve and demonstrate.

They practice the skill, and like a Walk-a-Thon or Read-a-Thon, they collect pledges/donations to support My Nose Turns Red (MNTR). On Circ-a-Thon Day, the circus students present their Circ-A-Thon skills to the audience!

There will also be circus demonstrations by the advanced students and coaches in jump roping, acrobatics, unicycle, and gym wheels. There will also be an auction and raffle.

Circ-a-Thon and other fundraisers support our work with underserved youth and adults. My Nose Turns Red has free after-school social circus programming at two schools and offers summer camps and Circus Ensemble scholarships and has provided programming at the  DCCH Center for Children and Families (with socialization/violence issues) for sixteen years.